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Vegas are found all over the globe, from Alaska to Australia.....

There were a total of 3393 hulls built, but we expect there to be fewer than 3000 still surviving due to the ravage of time, total losses and abandonment.

Let's see how many we can find of this well documented and classic yacht.

Below, The latest yachts submitted, go take a look.
We are still missing 90 percent of them all, so why don't you submit your Vega today ?


September 2012.
Website reaches 10% of entire production; and we still need pictures of your Vega.

Welcome Home Matt Rutherford
Solo Around the America's Under Sail.

Web hotel is now bigger, which means more room for pictures.
So in the future I expect better quality photos, not that they have to be GIGA big, just not the blurry from your cell phone snapshot at dusk.

If you already have uploaded your picture, you can replace it by sending an email with hull number and the new picture attached. -----------------------------------------------

A big Welcome to

V - 0007
 Latest Vega in our fleet. 

Above here the latest arrival, below some earlier for you to enjoy.
Furhter below links to each group with some description.

Why not submit your favourite photo of your Vega and share it with the rest of the Vega World ?

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