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Disclaimer & History of this website.

This website is run:
By Albin Vega Owners,
For Albin Vega Owners.
Its' purpose is to promote the Albin Vega,
and bring the community closer together,
as mentioned earlier, less than 3000 yachts left,
and no more to come, but it have an remarkable reputation.

And a lot of bit and pieces all over the web,
lets try to collaborate, and make a genuine library,
then make all non-Vega owners jealous.

Only thing asked for, if you submit, is a hull number and a photo.

But you have the option to post your E-mail,
or even better your webpage if you got any.
Not your name, postal address or anything,
I guess you hate spam mail, so do I,
All data submitted goes in a secure database,
it can't be read of web bots, and it will not be shared or sold.
Only thing, this site will remain as an public, non-profit and advertisement free zone.

Thatís why Vega Database is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike
What the web is all about.

History of this website.

Steve Birch (V-1703 Southern Comfort) from Vega Association of Great Britain came up with the basic idea, asking for more ideas in the British forum.

Later when I was building my own webpage, I somehow got inspired, and rest just history. You are looking at the result.

I have many times heard and read peoples questions, about building numbers and year of manufacturing, I hope this site can sort some of it out.

It's a great boat we sail.
Enjoy your boat and this site.

Lau V-3358 Röde Orm Web.

Creative Commons License
Vega Database is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike